408 Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd

1 BR: $665; 2 BR: $1015/month - 2020 Rental Fee To Be Determined

Not Available No units available until summer 2020

Approximate Square Feet: 1BR: 600; 2 BR: 900

Bedrooms: 1 or 2

Bathrooms: 1 bath in each apartment

Amenities: Stove and refrigerator, window unit air conditioning

Special Features & Notes: Two bedroom apartments have hardwood floors, limited parking available to residents, lawn maintenance included. One bedrooms have carpet, one parking space, and water included.

Location: Walking distance to UNC campus and downtown Chapel Hill

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There are 6 one-bedroom apartments and 12 two-bedroom apartments at 408 Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd/Historic Airport Road

One-Bedroom Apt. Rent: $655 includes parking space and water
A5 availability: AVAIABLE JUNE 2020
A6 availability: LEASED until MAY 2021

B5 availability: AVAILABLE  JUNE 2020
B6 availability: LEASED until MAY 2021

C5 availability: AVAIABLE JUNE 2020
C6 availability: LEASED until May 2021

Two-Bedroom Apt. Rent: $975  includes water & 2 parking spaces
A1 availability: LEASED until MAY 2021
A2 availability: AVAILABLE  JUNE 2020
A3 availability: LEASED until May 2021
A4 availability: AVAILABLE  JUNE 2020

B1 availability: LEASED until MAY 2021
B2 availability: AVAILABLE  JUNE 2020
B3 availability: LEASED until MAY 2021
B4 availability: LEASED until MAY 2021

C1 availability: LEASED until MAY 2021
C2 availability: LEASED until MAY 2020
C3 availability: AVAILABLE  JUNE 2020
C4 availability: LEASED until MAY 2021


Floor Plan